In addition to the general services and support offered by JAENP, our team of experienced and qualified professionals are making it easier for aspiring professionals to set up their practice. We offer technical support at affordable rates, so that you don’t have to spend extra time and money trying to do it all on your own. By applying for our Practice Management Resources, you receive the following:

1. The Top Business Management Softwares- Simplify Scheduling, Engagement with clients and payments. Automate your daily tasks, custom app and staff resources.

2. Marketing support

3. Website development and support

4. Insurance (Customized for your business)

5. Employee Benefits Packages at the lowest possible price.


1. Financial Management: Discover various discounts, fitness and nutrition school financing and insurance options that JAENP provides to help members save Money.

2. Internships and Career planning: Find resources for a range of medical career options, whether you are just starting, continuing your fitness career.

3.Learn about various types of careers in fitness and nutrition

4. Marketing Strategies

5. Job Opportunities


1. Creating the Fitness and Nutrition Professionals of the Future. See how JAENP works with schools to expose youth to careers as fitness and nutrition professionals.

2. Continuing Education programs to enhance understanding of wellness and to advance professional development.

3. Financing your new wellness business

4. Becoming a fitness Professional