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Is Your Favorite Cocktail Making You Fat?


Is your preferred drink making your belly fat? We've heard about sweet drinks increasing our waistline, but alcohol is fat free right? Drinks can have a lot of calories and a lot of calories will make you fat! Do you count your drink calories? If you probably don't drink anymore. For those of you who still love to drink especially during holidays like Cinco De Mayo! What is Cinco De Mayo celebrating anyway... :-) I'll save that for another blog!

To help you party animals still concerned about your waistline, I've put together a COUNTING CALORIES Cheat Sheet with THE BEST AND WORST DRINKS: According to research in the American Journal of Clinincal Nutrition. Ladies tend to consume 300 more calories than normal on nights when they drink. 300 Calories that the difference between being obese or not! It is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that women only have one alcoholic beverage per day. But sometimes that limit is hard to stick to, so here a list of the best and worst alcoholic beverages in terms of calories: Worst light beer: Samuel Adams Light (119 calories) Best light beer: Miller Lite (96 calories) Worst imported beer: Heineken (166 calories) Best imported beer: Guinness Draught (125 calories) Worst domestic beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon (144 calories) Best domestic beer: Rolling Rock Extra Pale (132 calories) Worst drink mixer: 7Up (100 calories) Best drink mixer: Canada Dry Club Soda (0 calories) Worst wine: Dessert Wine (165 calories)Best Wine: Sauvignon Blanc (119 calories)(

1. Limit your alcohol intake. It's high in calories and excessive drinking will leave you little energy to stick with your exercise routine.
2. Limit your alcohol intake…. alcohol affects your brains reasoning ability so it's difficult maintain your willpower and to stick to your diet or meal plan.

Excuse: But alcohol contains ZERO fat!
Truth: It’s true that alcohol contains zero fat, but the bad new is Alcohol suppresses fat burning, increases fat storing and adds useless calories to your diet and waistline. The fact is, as long as you drink alcohol high in calories, you will have a difficult reducing belly fat and maintaining proper diet, motivation, intensity or anything else which will keep you exercising. Here is the run-down on the worst alcoholic drinks in terms of calories.

Below are tables which will give you an indication as to what’s bad and what’s not. Another thing to keep in mind is, the higher the proof/alcohol in a beverage, the more calories it contains, and thus the further away from your fat-loss goals you’re likely to become.

Beer(330ml bottle)KindCalories
Low-Carb Beer (most)107
Stella Atois148
The winner = Low-Carb beer0.33 cals per ml
As you can see, beer offers some pretty decent bang for the buck. The serving sizes are large, and the calories consumed with each one aren’t near as bad as their counterparts (read below) due to the large water content in each one. Also note, that the low-carb option, although it’s the clear winner, still has 3/4 of the calories anyway. The major benefit of low-carb beer is significantly reduced bloat.

Wine 1 Glass/KindCalories
The winner = White wine0.66 cals per ml
Compared to beer, there are a heck of a lot more calories per ml than with beer due to the higher alcoholic content. In fact it’s TWICE as evil. At the rate a lot of people drink wine (especially white), it’s easy to see how one could over-indulge.That being said, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be seen drinking pint-size servings of wine any time soon.

Spirits (per 25ml)KindCalories
Whisky (Beam/Southern Comfort/Jack/Johnny64
Rum (White & Dark)58
The winner = Vodka0.45 cals per ml
Not surprisingly, when you drink spirits ‘neat’, they offer less of a caloric hit (due to their measly 25ml size). You are, of course, less likely to be sipping on 6 or so of these bad boys in anyone session.This idea obviously turns to sh*t when you have ‘shots at the bar’ with your friends and you suddenly find yourself at an all-night pancake joint competing for the most pancakes or waffled consumed in 10 minutes.

Spirits Mixed (per 125ml)Kind Calories
Whisky + Coke129
Vodka + Lime/Soda76
Rum + Coke129
Gin + Tonic129
The winner = Vodka + Lime/Soda0.6 cals per ml
You start mixing spirits with other bad-boys like Coke or Sprite and you can easily double the calories you consume with one tiny exception — Vodka + Lime/Soda is the clear cut winner here offering HALF the amount of naughtiness found in the others (due to the lack of coke).

Cocktails Kind Calories
Pina Colada 342
Manhattan 130
Singapore Sling 230
Mai Tai 310
Bloody Mary 86
The winner = Bloody Mary0.34 cals per ml

These babies offer a whole new level of fat-gaining disaster. Loaded with sugars and fruits — the figures above speak for themselves.

For more information on how to drink responsibly and still reduce unwanted belly fat call the Dr. Fitness Team today at 904.745.0999