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Great Results Magic - Not?



Max aka Dr. Fitness

I've entered my 16th year creating wellness plans and helping our clients reduce unwanted belly fat, it never fails to amaze me how "my plans” turned out to be perfect even for unpredicted events. What I initially plan to occur during the year, would sometimes develop a big hiccup. You know, one of those unplanned, unforeseen and totally "out of the blue” circumstances that life will dish out. An accident, an illness, weather catastrophes, or perhaps the inheritance of a pet animal. Whatever the hiccup my clients experience I've been able to keep the committed clients on target because their priority shift has happened. I've coached hundreds of clients at all ages and phases of life observing their attitude, eating habits and consistency as the year unfolded. What I've noticed time and time again is the fact that "the plan” is still applicable - no matter what the circumstance. Allow me to illustrate with a fond memory from one of my Fitness Pursuit's clients:

It was about six months into a client's Yearly wellness plan year when she learned that her spouse was diagnosed with a terminal illness with a quick life ending prognosis. It surprised me that she wanted to continue her wellness coaching during this troubling time - I learned later how perfect it was for us to continue as I supported her during this difficult life transition, for herself and her spouse.

It was her wellness plan, specifically one of her top wellness 10 goals that she wanted to ensure she gave extra focus to. "Goal #5: add additional health and wellness activities into her marriage. I recommended Meditation time with husband, creating renewed togetherness in their marriage." It turned out to be ideal for the circumstance - and yet also a challenge. She, along with her spouse, wanted to deliberately spend as much time together doing things that brought them a sense of fulfillment. They both recognized that they would need to protect this time and they did. They designed healthy dates daily, allowing no intrusion during their activity or togetherness time. As you can imagine, it was not always an easy task - her husband was a popular man with a large extended family many seeking to visit. They did not want to appear discourteous nor uncaring to people - yet they realized that their goal was what was most important to the two of them and it was up to them to make it happen. We clearly saw that my client's Goal #5 would turn into this extraordinary experience. Bringing forth a new behavior, creating it as a habit, and sticking with it - she succeeded. But a mere three months later her husband passed, and as she exclaimed, with no regrets --- Goal #5 was a magical goal brought to fruition by a powerful wellness plan.

Our Webster dictionaries will tell us that magic is an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural force. If you were to ask my client, she would most likely agree that the creation of her Goal #5 had an extraordinary hand in creating some of the most memorable experiences for her. As for a supernatural force, but of course! I trust whole heartedly in the process that creates Fitness Pursuits Wellness Goals - we learn best from our accomplishments and disappointments. We are tapped into our own supernatural force when we are inspired towards a goal. Magical? Yeah it is Magical.


If you're ready to create and commit to a Fitness Pursuits Annual Wellness Plan specifically designed to support you with reaching your wellness goals and magically transform your health. Call or email for an appointment. Max aka Dr. Fitness