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Get Strong Or Die?

Did you know everyone benefits from getting stronger? Even if you have no idea how much you can bench press and for that matter even if you can care less. You can improve your overall health by increasing your strength.

Getting stronger whether you are a man, woman, young or mature being stronger and growing muscle will improve your quality of life, slim your waistline and reduce your risk of cancer. Someone once told me when you stop growing is

when you begin dying! It's doesn't matter how old you are….. I have seen children begin dying at 16 year old….and
over the years, I have seen evidence that this statement is true.

Do you know the signs to determine if you are growing or dying? This Therapeutic Thursday you will find out the signs you should know to determine whether you are growing or dying?

  • Obesity women 25% body fat or higher and men 20% body fat or higher

  • Don't track the exercise you do

  • 4 or more hours of TV or Video games sitting most of the time

  • Binge drinking or drugging more than 3 drinks a

  • week for women or 4 drinks a week for men

  • Smoking

  • Not eating at least 5 servings of vegetables

  • everyday

  • Sleep less than 6 hours

  • Eat more than 100 grams of sugar each day