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Do You Want To Be A Super Hero?


For the next 30 days I will be dedicating my blog to helping you look and feel like a Super Hero! Yes I'm talking about getting your abs right, your body tight and improving your energy level. Your transformation will require you getting comfortable with new habits and strategies to get you through the transition, and not resorting to old habits that bring back your non-heroic self.


Why Super Heroes? Super heroes are brave, fit, and willing to risk everything for others. When at first they don't succeed they try, try again. 9/11 helped me to recognize the Super Heroes living among us. They dress like us and even look like us for the most part. Do you know any super heroes? I'd like to know what you think, text me the most important trait in a super hero 904.236.5858 or call me on the Dr. Fitness Hotline at 888.607.5275. Share your thoughts!

  • What is the most important trait for a Super hero to have?

Become a Super Hero in 30 Days by answering questions and being open to improve!!!