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5 Father's Day Gifts You Need To Know!


Body Fat Analyzer cost from $39-$99. It's one of the most important things you could give to your dad... it say's I love you and want you to live. Knowing his body fat percent tells him if he's endanger and what habits lower and raise his body fat percent.

Heart Rate Monitor cost between $15-$60 It's fantastic prevents your dad from over doing it when he exercises.

Schedule time a few times a month to exercise with your dad. Thousands of sports-loving, ESPN watching dads have been watching TV and neglecting regular exercise. Spending time walking with you is a great reason to not watch TV.

Hire a Fitness Professional cost between $35- $100 to help dad set achievable fitness goals and reach them without injury. What you don't know will hurt you, but doing what you think yo know will kill you in some cases when it comes to exercise. Call Dr. Fitness at 904.307.6084 if you have any questions.